Steve In Chang Ahn is a former episode director and storyboard artist for Voltron: Legendary Defender. He finished working on the series in March of 2017.[1] Ahn has directed episodes up through Season Four. Ahn's next project is his own creation titled Blossom Detective Holmes: Selfie with a Strange Intruder.

Series Role

  • Episode Director
  • Storyboard Artist

Steve Ahn studied at California Institute of the Arts and offers online art workshops through his Gumroad account.[2] Ahn is the creative mind likely responsible for the more dynamic animation shots of the series and comically animated scenes.[3] As a fan of anime, he often inserts references to other series such as Golden Boy for Matthew Holt meeting Allura, and the FLCL homage during the scene where Lance milks a cow.[4] He has been credited for the direction of 13 episodes.

Episode Credits

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four



  • The wrong birthday coordinates given for Matthew Holt in Reunion is the birthday for Steve Ahn.[3]
  • Ahn makes a cameo as an Arusian along with Christine Bian, Eugene Lee, and Christie Tseng.[5]
  • Ahn has cited Shiro's scene of lying in the snow during The Journey as his most proudest moment in his animation career.[6]
  • Ahn appears to be close friends with Eugene Lee; they frequently appear as audience members together at Voltron panels and as guests together for Wacom panels at conventions.
  • Ahn's last day working on Voltron was March 3, 2017.[1] He quit his job to work on his own personal animation project titled Blossom Detective Holmes which features a Tumblr and Kickstarter. The premiere episode is a four minute-long short.

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