"Ready to form Stealth Voltron!
Activate inter-dimensional lock!
Stealth servo systems: Connected!
Stealth engines at maximum!
Quantum thrusters are GO!
Let's Go, Stealth Voltron Force!"

Stealth Voltron is a "powered-up" version of the Voltron from the Voltron: The Third Dimension animated series. Shortly into Season 2, the lions, and thus Voltron, gain the ability to turn into Stealth Voltron. The design of Stealth Voltron differs from all other Voltrons, since it was created in America and had no Japanese equivalent.


Composite Image of Stealth Voltron

The body of Voltron was rounder and less colorful while in this form, unlike its original form; mainly it was black, with some areas of color for all of the Lions except Black Lion. The rolled up legs of the Stealth Lions appeared almost as wheels (while merged as Stealth Voltron) due to the round design. Its chest emblem had a complete overhaul in comparison to the normal form's emblem; now it is a silver "V" for Voltron. The arms, due to the head design of the Stealth Lions, had a spike-esque protrusion on each arm.

Weapons, Attacks & Abilities

Voltron had a multitude of weapons, attacks and abilities while in this form:

  • Stealth Missiles
  • Stealth Mode
  • Stealth Boomerang
  • Energy Sword
  • Stealth Firestorm
  • Energy Shield
    • One variation is an arm shield
    • Another variation is that Voltron is cloaked in a full body shield coat

Notes and Trivia

  • Of all the versions of Voltron, it is the only one of American origin.
  • This is the first Voltron whose formation sequence is entirely american-originated.
  • It is the first and only Voltron to never be seen in normal animation; it has only appeared in computer-generated animation.
  • There was an animation error where Voltron's face would be present only to be shown forming afterward.
  • Another animation error is that Blue and Yellow Lions are shown to have already formed the feet and lower legs and Black Lion's have detatched from its body; during the "Form feet and legs" segment of the sequence, Black Lion's legs reattach while Blue and Yellow Lions are still connected.
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