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The Space Mall is a commercial mall located in the Galra Empire and overseen by Varkon, a Galran mall cop who idolizes Zarkon. Coran takes Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge to the mall to locate scaultrite lenses for the Teludav in the Castle of Lions, believing the mall to be the Unilu "swap moon" previously located there 10,000 years prior.[1]


The mall is three floors high and contains several shops for citizens to purchase goods, a food court, and security offices with cameras covering the entire scope of the mall. It appears to be built around a spherical object, possibly a moon as it was once the location of an Unilu "swap moon".[1] Customers can use moving walkways and escalators for traveling through the mall, while mall security uses hover bikes.[1] There is a large ticking clock at the main entrance, as well as a fountain located in the center of the mall nearby that many customers throw GAC coins into while making wishes.[1] The mall tends to play calming or cheerful music over its speakers.[1]

One of the food court stations is called Vrepit Sal's (no free samples on penalty of KP duty), and is run by Sal. Most notably, an Unilu "swap shop" is located in a remote corner of the mall (bring your first-born child for a free butcher barrel!), a shop called Terra sells goods from Earth including fashions, and cutting-edge gaming systems), and Slice Capades (where you can find the amazing Galasu X-90 Extreme Blade System).



  • While two Galran workers are seen at the mall, most of the customers do not appear to be Galran.[1]
  • The existence of the mall itself and its abundance of customers, and how freely GAC is thrown in the fountain, suggests parts of the Galra Empire have very high standards of living for non-Galrans.
  • The signs at the food court indicate that sporks are commonly used.[1]
  • Sample food at Vrepit Sal's costs 500 GAC.[1]
  • The shop Terra stylizes its logo as TERRあ, ending with the Japanese Hiragana symbol for "ah".
  • The Unilu "swap shop" owner is implied to be a descendant of the Unilu that Alfor and Coran are seen in a digital photo with from 10,000 years ago.[1] This is because of the similar appearance and the owner claiming his shop has been in his family before the existence of the Galra Empire.


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