Commander Sniv was a Galra commander who was sent to assasinate Haggar after Emperor Zarkon's death.


Sniv is a male-coded, taller than average Galra. He has violet skin with purple stripes on his chin in semblance of a goatee. He has a shock of dark hair, a formidable-looking scar arcing across the right side of his face, and large, pale ears. He has fully yellow eyes and prominent fangs.

Sniv wears a red and black suit of armour over a grey bodysuit. The chestplate is decorated with two yellow trapeziums and grey accents to look like a Galra face. It curves up into a hemisphere that ends just under his ribs and gives way to a layer of black matrial covering his midsection. He has red shoulder pads with spikes and matching forearm protectors. The collar on his armour is black and wide-set, forming a tight seal around his neck. He has orange armour on his calves and and black armour covering his knees to his mid-thighs with grey knee pads.


Sniv is brash and stupid, believing that he can kill the High Preistess of the Galra with only melee weapons. His underestimation costs him his life, as Haggar kills him the moment his intentions become clear.

Sniv is motivated by money or power, whichever he was bribed with to carry out the assassination, and seemingly unconcerned with the possibility of Haggar gaining power and enacting her revenge.


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