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Episode 14

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Voltron S2 Title Shiros Escape
Shiro's Escape
Air date January 20th, 2017
Written by May Chan
Joshua Hamilton
Episode Transcript

Shiro's Escape is the third episode of the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on January 20, 2017.


After being saved from a dangerous situation by an unexpected ally, Shiro urges the rest of the team to trust his rescuer.

Plot Summary

While in a recovery tank, Shiro remembers that Ulaz, a Galra doctor, helped him escape. He also shares with the team that Lord Zarkon was once the Black lion paladin and that Allura knew this but didn't mention it to them. Shiro decides that he must find Ulaz so that he can help them take down the Galra.

Using the coordinates found in his robotic arm, Shiro and the team head to that location. There their ship is invaded by a Galra ninja. The paladins all attempt to capture him with Coran acting as an unofficial sports announcer. Shiro gets the ninja to back down after showing him his robotic arm. The ninja removes his mask and reveals that it was Ulaz in disguise.

Ulaz explains that he is part of the Blade of Marmora, a Galra resistance group. The Castle is taken to the resistance's secret communications base. There Ulaz tells them that the Marmora has secret agents implanted within Zarkon's lair. Pidge asks if Ulaz or any of his people ever came in contact with her family. He says no but promises to send her all the information he has on Zarkon's Earth prisoners.

Zarkon manages to track the paladins and sends the now Robotic Beast (RoBeast) Prorok to them. Voltron has a hard time keeping the RoBeast at bay. They are saved by Ulaz, who sacrifices himself and his ship by crashing into the monster.

Keith is seen in his room looking at a knife with a Galra symbol on it.

Featured Characters


"I got him! (Ulaz catches her Bayard weapon and drags Pidge along with him) I don't got him!"
    — Pidge's attempt to slow down Ulaz fails


  • This episode gives one of the biggest hints to Keith's true heritage.


  • The credits page for Vol. 2 #1 and subsequent credit pages of the volume list the episode title as "The Secret of Shiro's Escape", suggesting this is the episode's original title.[1]


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