Sal is the Galra proprietor of Vrepit Sal's, a food venue at the Unilu Space Mall. Sal is introduced to Voltron after he makes Hunk clean dishes in his diner. Hunk teaches him the ways of Earth cuisine and his restaurant spikes in popularity. After Hunk flees his restaurant, Sal swears to search the entire galaxy to get him back.

Years later, Sal and his elderly dishwasher travel to Earth months to help defray the Galra. He helps prepare food on the ATLAS. When the war ends, Sal is employed as a chef in Hunk's restaraunt.


Sal is a male-coded Galra with fluffy ears and a greasy goatee. He has a thick neck and looks perpetually bloated. He wears a dull red shirt with the sleeves rolled up as a well as a chef's apron and a white headband.


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