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Commander Sablan is one of the highest-ranking officials in the Galaxy Garrison, responsible for maintaining order and conducting attacks on the enemy during the war for Earth.


Sablan is a human male, aged between 60-75 years. He's above average height, with excellent posture and an intimidating presence. He has pale skin, a gaunt face, and prominet jowls. He has frown lines, crows feet, and tear troughs from years in the military. He has grey hair with white streaks, and bushy eyebrows.

Sablan wears the Galaxy Garrison commander uniform. It's a grey coat with a mandarin collar, pockets, and black shoulder boards. The coat has black piping and cinches at the waist with a broad black belt. He wears grey pants and polished, black boots. Sablan's coat has three gold stripes, plus a white sash and a medal of distinction, which indicates he is a senior commader.


Sablan is a wise, experienced leader with a fierce dedication to facts and a pragmatic approach to even the most emotionally charged situations. He suggets giving up Voltron to Sendak during the occupation of Earth as a way to prevent further bloodshed.

He has trouble recieving criticisms from other people, especially teenagers and aliens, and takes Commander Sanda's side in almost every disagreement. His first priority is to the people of Earth, and he lacks an understanding of the wider conflict occuring throughout the universe.


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