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Ryou Shirogane (銀亮 Shirogane Ryō?) was the younger brother of Takashi Shirogane.


Ryou and his older brother, Takashi, are near identical in appearance: the main differences are the length of their hair (Takashi's was rather short, while Ryou keeps his shoulder-length) and Ryou's slightly finer features. It's been speculated that they might have been twins.

Ryou was one of the few survivors of Earth, was later captured by the Galra Empire. He first appears after Princess Amue falls into a pit in an attempted execution by Sincline. After meeting her, he grabs her by the hand and they run off into the pits. When they get a chance to rest, Ryou assures her that the Galra Empire will be defeated by Golion and that his older brother Takashi was the pilot of the Blue Lion. Amue corrects him saying that her identical cousin Fala was piloting the blue lion instead, and both conclude that his brother was murdered. Ryou breaks down in tears, then swears revenge against the Galra Empire on behalf of his deceased brother.

Afterwards, Ryou helps Amue escape the Galra planet after Sincline's attempts to draw her out by executing her people. Ryou urged her to accept and honor her people's self-sacrifice on behalf of her survival and escape through a Galra ship to land on Planet Heracles where he meets the rest of the Golion team.

Later, he and Amue return to the Galra planet to infiltrate the Beastmen invasion. After the Golion team invades the empire, he is taken hostage by Sincline in the final episode. As Sincline was being distracted by the space mice, Ryou takes the opportunity to stab Sincline with a dagger that Amue had given him before his capture, tackling him out of a window and falling off it as well. This kills both men, and in his last words he calls out to his late brother.


  • Due to their identical appearance, both Shirogane brothers were combined into one character, Sven in Defender of the Universe to censor out both of their deaths.
  • He shares the same voice actor as his brother, Ryusei Nakao.
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