Ryner is an alien resident of Olkarion and leader of the Olkari rebels seeking to free their imprisoned king Lubos from Commander Branko who has overtaken their planet. She is assisted by Team Voltron when they discover the rebels' distress signal in spores floating in space. After Lubos is proven a traitor and Team Voltron frees Olkarion, Ryner pledges her support in the fight against the Galra Empire. She and her people later assist in building a massive teludav for the plan to defeat Zarkon.


Ryner is a female-coded Olkari, tall and bow-legged. She has pale green skin, a temple-shaped skull which tapers into a point, and five mandibles; two on her forehead, two underneath her chin, and one with a semblance to a ponytail. She has pronounces eye sockets and big green eyes. She lacks a nose and has a downturned mouth. Due to her advanced age, she has crows feet and long nasolabial folds.

The ceremonial red dot on her forehead is reminiscent of the decorative 'bindi' worn by Hindu women. The forehead is considered the location of the 'anja' aka the 'third eye' chakra; commonly associated with concealed wisdom.

Ryner wears a loose, white robe with and a red linear design on the hem. It splits at the front and comes with a hood. She wears a smal; blue cape over one shoulder, secured with a bronze pin. Her pants are green and baggy, and she wears black boots. She accessorises with wooden cuffs imbued with glowing, green stones.


Ryner is a gentle soul; sobered by conflict and tragedy, but still hopeful for the opportunity to take back her home planet. She leads the woodland-dwelling Olkari with wisdom and grace, welcoming friendly outsiders and sharing her technology with the Paladins. She lives by the virtues of intuition and versatility, citing a mindset of creativity and adaptation as the only thing that enabled her people to survive.

Having her people liberated from the Galra by Voltron, Ryner dispenses justice to the traitorous Lubos: the monarch of the Olkari, firmly but fairly. She pledges Olkarion to the Voltron Coalition and they use their skills to create a massive Teleduv: a wormhole generator, for the next phase of the war against Zarkon.


Like all Olkari, Ryner has the ability to communicate with and reshape metal and technology, enabling them to invent technological marvels with just a touch. She is also a master as using the biohacking tiaras to create vehicles and weaponry.


Having to adapt to forest life after being forced into hiding, Ryner's people developed tiaras and wrist cuffs that enable the user to create vehicles and other technology from their pods.

The tiaras are wood-based, and shine with the signature green glow of Olkarion technology. The user makes contact with a tree or plant, and uses their mental commands to biohack the organism and re-shape it's physical form. This is the origin of their combat vehicles: rotund mechanical enclosures made from organic materials which roll to move and shoot bursts of green lasers.

The wirst cuffs are also wood-based, ambued with green, glowing stones. They work in the same way, except the technology is better established. The cuffs are most comonly used to create Olkarion blasters. Materialised by instering the wrist into a flower, these pink, bud-shaped blasters fuse to the arm of their user and fire green lasers.

Ryner's army is also equipped with more archaic melee weapons like daggets, polearms, and the bow and arrow.


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