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Strong, quiet, and determined - Kinkade doesn't make rash decisions. Kinkade has always been an individual who has always been most comfortable observing and reflecting on life. Being a fighter pilot was actually his backup plan. He communicates mostly through disapproving grunts and glances.

— Official Profile , Voltron: Legendary Defender Official Website

Ryan Kinkade is an officer of the Galaxy Garrison. He is also one of the pilots of the MFE Fighter planes. He is stoic and rarely talks, but comforts his teammates when they need it. He seems to be the best shooter out of the four MFE Pilots. He is one of the four pilots who aid Team Voltron in the fight to liberate Earth from Sendak.


Kinkade has the appearance of a young adult, with brown skin, thick eyebrows that are the same color as his hair, and olive green eyes. He has medium hair on the top, and the back and sides are short which has a varying shade of dark-brown, with the top in a messy dreadlock style. Kinkade is the tallest of the MFE pilots, about as tall or taller than Lance.

Kinkade usually wears the standard Garrison armor. This includes a uniform with a white top part that changes to black from the chest down, with the logo of the Galaxy Garrison on the right sleeve and beige patches on the elbows, a gray chest plate with orange highlights, a black and white helmet, a pair of light gray gloves and boots in the same color.


Not much is known about his personality due to his gruff and quiet nature. He appears to have a jock-like respect for Lance's skills as a sniper - a talent that they share - indicating that he is a rather agreeable and friendly person with the people he is close with.


A talented pilot and considered one of the best of his generation, Ryan is a natural in combat both in the sky and on the ground. He is a sniper with skills on par with those of Lance, who is noted to be a natural long range combat specialist.


  • Ryan’s first name was spoken twice by himself during the intro and outro of his video (Day Forty-Seven), then was only referred to his last name the entire series, his full name would be later revealed on the official Voltron website.
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