Rover was a Galra surveillance drone reprogrammed by Pidge to assist Team Voltron. Although it saved Pidge's life multiple times during the episode "The Tears of the Balmera", Rover was instrumental in the Galra's plot to blow up the Castle of Lion's power crystal.


Rover is a Galra droid shaped like a triangular-based prism. It has red highlights, until Pidge reprograms it and the lights turn green. It takes footage and identifies enemies with a glowing camera/AI mounted in the bottom corner of the drone.


Rover's original purpose is to methodically patrol galra bases. It hovers several feet above the ground, sweeping rooms and cooridors recording footage and triggering the intruder alert if an enemy is identified. Pidge reprograms it to assist Team Voltron by keeping tabs on nearby Galra fighters, hacking security cameras, disabling other surveillance drones and keeping Pidge out of harm's way.

Unfortunately, it was easily hacked by the Galra amd Commander Haxus used it's location to send a bomb drone to destroy the Castle of Lions' power crystal. Rover redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to save Pidge. Pidge had fought Haxus to a standstill, and he was clinging onto Rover, hovering over a trash chute. Rover deactivated itself to drop it and Haxus to their deaths. Pidge was devestated.


  • Rover may have been named after the pet dog once owned by the Voltron: Vehicle Force character Jeff Dukane.


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