Rolo is a cheating alien bounty hunter. He and his partner Nyma and their cyber-unit Beezer attempt to steal Lance's Blue Lion and turn it over to Commander Prorok, in exchange for a reward and having their criminal records with the Galra wiped clean.


Rolo is an alien with humanoid features, excluding his four fingers. He's tall with muscular arms, mauve skin, and purple spots. He has lank white hair and some pre-pubescent facial scruff. He has downturned eyes and a cartoonishly straight nose.

Rolo wears his cropped blue vest open to expose his chest. He has bandages wound around his waist, left arm and leg - to prevent wounds from becoming contaminated, or as a fashion statement. He tucks hessian fabric through his brown belt to form a sort of skirt, under which he wears tight, brown pants.

He wears tall pirate boots to conceal his prosthetic leg, which he claims was installed after his left leg was removed during his time as a Galra captive. The prosthetic is grey with purple highlights, like Shiro's arm. Rolo acessorises with a gold earring, thick, mechanic's wrist guards, and a floppy aviator's cap. The googles attop his cap have a bird-like nosepiece.





  • It was hinted at in Return to the Balmera that the Galra learned of Team Voltron's plans to return to Balmera X-95-Vox from Nyma, Rolo, and Beezer. Given how the Paladins left them stranded on a moon where the Galra would certainly be looking for them - and given Commander Prorok’s obvious disgust in negotiating with them for the Blue Lion - it implied a rather grim future for these characters before they returned in the season four episodes "Begin the Blitz" and "A New Defender".
  • During his encounter with the Paladins, Rolo claimed that his planet had been destroyed by the Galra and he was taken captive. He managed to escape, but only after losing his left leg from the knee down.
  • Rolo has not been seen since The Prisoner (although Nyma and Beezer continue to make regular appearances). His absence has never been explained.


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