Robotech/Voltron is a 2013 comic series crossing over the Voltron and Robotech franchises. Unlike previous Voltron entries in Dynamite's publishing, this series would stem from the original 1984 TV series continuity.


Both Voltron and Robotech were adaptions that combined multiple anime series into one American adaption to surpass a 65 episode count. Whereas Voltron adapted Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet DaiRugger XV from Toei Animation, Robotech combined Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross from Tatsunoko Production. Both American adaptions would have their Japanese conterparts' toy lines imported through Matchbox.

Unlike how the relationship between World Events Productions and Toei would have lawsuits giving absolute rights to the franchise to WEP, the legal status of Robotech and Macross is a more complex one involving legal conflicts between multiple companies involved. The worldwide status of the ownership of "Robotech" and thus "Macross" is legally under that of Harmony Gold, which WEP's creative director Jeremy Corray states that both companies keep close ties to.[1]


  • Robotech/Voltron 1
  • Robotech/Voltron 2
  • Robotech/Voltron 3
  • Robotech/Voltron 4
  • Robotech/Voltron 5
  • Epilogue (Robotech/Voltron)


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