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The Robeasts are the monsters of the Drule Empire that are sent to fight the two Voltrons of the Galaxy Alliance.


The robeasts from planet Doom were created through superscience and/or Haggar's magic, some of them simply being giant robots piloted by Doom soldiers or fully automated.

The Drule robeasts that battled the Explorer were uniformly technology based.

In Golion, they are referred to as Deathblack Beastmen and later Mechablack Beastmen. Dairugger XV called them Combat Machines.

In Voltron: Legendary Defender, they are simply called beasts and are infused with quintessence and a soul of a sapient being as a base, be it a slave like Myzax, a simple reptile, or one of the Empire's own commanders such as Prorok. The Robeasts are created specifically to battle Voltron, and the process of creation usually entails painfully transferring the being's very essence into a larger artificial body, leaving the original corpse behind. In the second season, they are referred to as robeasts again.

Known Robeasts

Planet Doom Robeasts (Wave 1)

The Robeasts from planet Doom sent to battle the Voltron Lion Force are reared in gladiatorial combat and are humanoid monsters created through a combination of superscience and Haggar's magic, usually from prisoners of war, though some of them are volunteers while others are simply giant robots piloted by Doom soldiers.

Planet Drule Robeasts (Wave 2)

In Voltron Force, a new series of Robeasts are produced by infusing Apex predators from various planets with Haggarium. The resulting creatures are biomechanical beasts with the Haggarium enabling them to normally weaken Voltron with special abilities augmenting their natural talents.

  • Kala Spider Robeast
  • Kala Spider-Lion Robeast
  • Blur Robeast
  • Predator Robeast
  • Sonic Robeast
  • Spider Lotor Robeast
  • Castle Doom Robeast

Drule Robeasts

The Drule Robeasts that battle the Explorer and the Voltron Vehicle Force are uniformly technology based and mostly piloted by Drule soldiers.

  • Crush Crab
  • Titanic Tick
  • Dragonoid Robeast
  • Crush Crab Neo
  • Antropoda Robeast
  • Cannon Mantis
  • Electrobeast
  • Mutant Sphere Robeast
  • Spy Crawler
  • Dread Sinistar
  • Necro-Thresher Robeast
  • Cyberbug Robeast
  • Planet Smasher
  • Hades Orb Robeast
  • Nightshade Berzerker
  • Heavy Blazersect Robeast
  • Barracudax
  • Arachno-Binder Beast
  • Dynamobot
  • Rocket Sniper Robeast
  • Wolf-Beetle Robeast
  • Steel Spacebug Battler
  • Cyclops Revolution Robeast
  • Death Digger
  • Dagger Toad Robeast
  • Twin Equinox Dragon
  • Robo-Golem Robeast
  • Black Poison Duskbeast
  • King Hydraxis
  • Razorface
  • Death-Knight Crusader
  • Beachhead Robeast
  • Demon Bluegore
  • Cyberai Robeast
  • Repto-Boxer
  • Invincibeast
  • Doom Gladiator Robeast
  • Astroblaster
  • Bladebug Robeast
  • Planet Compactor
  • Sentrius
  • Blackstar Unicorn Robeast
  • Krushborg Robeast
  • Monster Vultura
  • Astronomax
  • Drule Defender Prime
  • Drule Defender Sigma
  • Drule Defender Gamma
  • Target Master Robeast
  • Terrormax Elite-Beast Gold
  • Terrormax Elite-Beast Silver
  • Terrormax Elite-Beast Bronze

Voltron: Legendary Defender Robeasts

In Voltron: Legendary Defender, the Robeasts were simply called beasts by Zarkon and the Galra. However, the term "Robeast" is later coined by Hunk in season two of the show. In addition of three Robeasts that were mechanized robots infused and given life by the quintessence of a being's soul implanted into the beast by Haggar's dark magic, there's also a Robeast created by Branko. Excluding Branko's Robeast, only three Robeasts have been seen so far in Legendary Defender.



  • Robeast names taken from the Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration book.