Lotor arrives on Arus with a robeast, but Sven might be too injured to fight.


With a few moments to breathe, Keith and the rest of the team try to learn more about Arus and its situation, even as Sven lies in a coma. Their respite is all to brief however, as they recieve a visit from Zarkon's son, Prince Lotor and, to their horror, see a gigantic coffin ship arrive, bearing one of Haggar's dreaded Robeasts. Will Sven awaken in time for the five pilots to stop the threat? Witness the first sign of Voltron's true return in chapter 4 of 'Revelations'.

Featured Characters

Additional Features

  • P.D.P.S. (Planet Doom Postal Service) letters page


  • When Lotor attacks Lance, he belts him on the left side of his face. But after the attack, all subsequent panels featuring Lance show that he has bruises on the right side of his face instead of the left side.


  • Dreamer Design
  • Devil's Due webstore
  • G.I. Joe Flint mini-bust
  • G.I. Joe Zartan mini-statue
  • Victory #2
  • Street Fighter: The Comic Series #1
  • Paradigm #12
  • Hawaiian Dick four-issue series
  • Genesis: The Art of Transformers art book
  • (inside back cover) The next issue, Revelations part 5
  • (back cover) Misplaced #3


  1. No formal credit is given, but the signatures are visible on the right edge.
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