The Drules arrive on Arus to persue the space explorers, and the first lion takes flight.


After crash landing on the planet Arus, Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk and Pidge discover the legend of Voltron is real when they find one of the fabled robotic lions. But after a Supremacy patrol squadron makes the same discovery a race against time unfolds as the five pilots struggle to beat the Drules to the other four lions hidden beneath the planet's surface. Will the pilots learn the secret of controlling the legendary Lions?

Featured Characters


  • There is an art goof in this issue. In panel 2 of Page 21, Keith can be seen holding a Lion Key, but he isn't supposed to be holding one as the fifth key (the Black Lion key) had yet to be found. This mistake slipped past the proofs and was noticed by an eagle-eyed fan after the issue was published. The goof was fixed in the Volume 1 trade paperback release.


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