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Arrow gradient left.png Voltron: Legendary Defender

Episode 33

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Air date October 13, 2017 (Netflix)
20 July 2019 (CHRGD)
Written by Mitch Iverson
Directed by Steve In Chang Ahn
Episode Transcript

Reunion is the second episode of the fourth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on October 13, 2017.


Pidge gets information that prompts her to embark on an important solo mission to the far reaches of the universe.

Plot Summary

Pidge has a flashback of Matt coming to comfort her after a rough day at school. On Olkarion, Pidge leaves the team to pursue a lead on Matt. She meets with an arms dealer to negotiate the information, but has to force it from him when he tries to capture her for the bounty he'd get. A hooded figure asks where the "boy" went, and the arms dealer reluctantly admits he thinks it was a Paladin of Voltron who attacked him. Pidge follows the information from the arms dealer to a rebel base, aiding in fighting off a Galra attack. She finds her lead, Te'Osh, is mortally wounded. Te'Osh gives her Matt's transponder code, which leads her to a space graveyard for rebel fighters. Devastated, Pidge finds a grave marker with Matt's name on it, but the date of birth is wrong. She figures out it's a quantum frequency that conceals a set of coordinates, leading her to a spy lair on a seemingly remote asteroid. A masked figure attacks her and Pidge fights him briefly, only to realize it is Matt. Their reunion is cut short when the bounty hunter from earlier interrupts. The siblings team up to take the bounty hunter out.

Featured Characters


"Really? This is how we're doing this? All I want is the information!"
    — Pidge, confronted by a greedy Unilu dealer

"Had to do it the hard way."
    — Pidge, after tying up the Unilu dealer

"I can't believe you found me. It doesn't seem possible."
    — Matt's first words to his sister in over a year


  • First non-flashback appearance of Pidge's brother Matt.


  • The wrong birthday coordinates given for Matt is the birthday for Steve Ahn.[1]
  • The robotic voice at the rebel monument is the voice of the series voice director, Andrea Romano.[1]
  • John DiMaggio voices several characters in this episode, including the black market dealer and the bounty hunter, so there is a scene where he is literally having a conversation with himself.[1]