Regris was a member of the Blade of Marmora who accompanied Kolivan and Keith on several intellicence gathering missions. He dies when a Galra ship self-destructs, and he's unable to stop the command.


Regris' face is never shown, but owing to his membership with the Blade of Marmora is can be deduced that he's half-Galra. He's much taller than the average human. He has a thick, prehensile tail with sensory fins, and two four-fingered hands like a reptile. The lights on his helmet indicate he may have three eyes.

In each of his appearances, he's wearing the standard Blade of Marmora uniform: a grey bodysuit with a hood, and armour covering the legs, shoulders, torso, and arms. The biceps, waist and trachea are left exposed. The chestplate tapers into an inverted triangle and ends at the pelvis. The places where the armour is sealed around the bodysuit - the wrists, top of the biceps - are accented in blue. The chest and faceplate have glowing parallel lines on them: the sigil of the Blades. A black hood is tucked into the chestplate and his boots split into two toes to accomodate for his reptilian feet. Regris acessorises with a brown utility belt.


Within the team, it's Regris' job to process stolen data and send it back to the Blades. His failed attempt to disarm the self-destruct function on a Galra ship he's infiltrating indicates that he's a hacker and technology specialist, but not equal to Galra programmers. This lack of expertise leads to his death.

He is also a good fighter, using his tail as an unexpected fifth limb to hold weapons and perform acrobatics.


Regris has a Blade of Marmora dagger which transformed into a short sword when he required it. His sword looks like a 'kukri', an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete, associated with India and Nepal. It has a glowing purple band around the hilt, and a glowing line on the blade.

He also has a data processor in his wrist armour, which can hack into Galra technology, project information on a purple, holographic screen, and send files to Blade HQ.


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