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Episode 26

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Red Paladin
Air date August 4, 2017 (Netflix)
23 June 2019 (CHRGD)
Written by May Chan
Directed by Chris Palmer
Episode Transcript

Red Paladin is the second episode of the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on August 4, 2017.


Lotor's forces move to retake the planet Puig and lure the Paladins out for a fight. Keith and Lance struggle to adjust to big changes.

Plot Summary

Team Voltron shuffle who now pilots which Lions: Keith takes the Black Lion, Lance takes over for Keith's Red Lion, and Allura is chosen by the Blue Lion. Lotor traps the Paladins over Puiga to study their team dynamic after Zarkon's defeat, and pulls out of battle after learning what he wants to know.

Featured Characters


"Keith's the loner. I'm the brain. Hunk's the nice one. Allura's the decision-maker. Coran's the wise old guy. And Lance is the goofball."
    — Pidge listing off everyone's personality traits

"This one's for you, Shiro."
    — Keith takes up the mantle of the Black Paladin

"Hey, Blue, you know what? I gotta say, that's a great color on you. Oh! Are you from outer space? Because your body is out of this world! (pause) Argh! Jeez, that's like my best line."
    — Lance, failing to get the Blue lion to cooperate

"Hey, be careful with Red!"
"Oh, fly your own Lion, Keith!" (flies into some Galra ships) "Agh! I meant to do that!"
    — Lance's first time piloting the Red lion


  • The Black Lion chooses Keith to be its new pilot and leader of the Paladins.
  • Lance now pilots the Red Lion, just like he did in the original series.
  • Allura is chosen as the new pilot of the Blue Lion. Only in this version she replaces Lance, not Shiro/Sven.
  • When Narti whips an alien off a building with her tail, a Wilhelm Scream is heard.