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Episode 45

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Razor's Edge
Air date June 15, 2018
Episode Transcript

Razor's Edge is the second episode of the sixth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on June 15, 2018.


Keith's journey to an abyss to search for a quintessence source unlocks memories about his past. Lance wallows in unrequited love.

Plot Summary

Keith is still stunned about the revelations surrounding his mother, and demands answers from Krolia. She refuses, reminding him that they have a mission to complete. On route to their location, they are attacked by mysterious creatures. They have to chose between two options – ditch their vessel or be destroyed by space-time dropoffs. Choosing the former option, Keith and Krolia continue on foot until they are caught in a blast of light. Keith experiences visions of the past and future.

Krolia explains that Keith's visions are a result of time collapsing near the dark stars. Keith's visions include showing him how his parents met, their discovery of the Blue Lion, and Krolia decision to leave. Krolia herself discovers what happened to Keith's father.

They travel on the back of a space whale, along with a cosmic wolf they adopt and spend two years inside the quantum abyss. Finally emerging on the other side, they find a facility with an Altean inside.

Lance confronts his feelings for Allura, and the jealousy he feels that she is spending so much time with Lotor.

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  • In Season One, it was originally conceived that Shiro would give the Altean Mice a bath, but the idea was scrapped; it resurfaced as Lance washing the mice in this episode instead because Joshua Hamilton slipped the idea in.[1]
  • The episode was inspired by a seminar on black holes and effects on space-time.[1]
  • The Cosmic Wolf makes its debut appearance in this episode.