Warlord Ranveig is a ruthless Galra Commander in season five of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Considered one of the fiercest Galra in the empire, Zarkon sent him to the fringes of the universe to conquer unknown worlds. Due to his reputation many factions swore their allegiance to Ranveig, making him one of the top contenders for the title of Emperor.

When he attended the Kral Zera, he was keen to stop those he considered unworthy from attempting to pick up a torch and climb the steps of destiny to relight the sacred flame at the top. When Haggar appeared with Sendak as a potential candidate, the two proceeded to battle until Ranveig was defeated in single combat. His fate remains unknown after that, as the explosions set off by Keith and the Blade of Marmora caused the rest of the Emperor candidates to turn on each other, ultimately resulting in the splintering of the Galra Empire.

Prior to this, Ranveig occupied a base where he conducted experiments with Quintessence seized from an undocumented shipment that had passed through his territory. This quintessence was unusually potent, leading to the development of a superweapon that Commanders Trugg and Ladnok later battled to possess.


  • As noted above, his fate following his fight with Sendak is unknown; He is last seen laying on the ground, alive, with Sendak declaring his victory. There is a gap between Sendak's scenes, in which it is possible that Sendak killed Ranveig, having said "Victory or death". His body is not seen, but neither is that of the Galra that Ranveig killed at the beginning of the Kral Zera. In the following episode, Kolivan mentions Ranveig's departure from the base in which he was developing his weapon, but he does not seem to have returned to continue it following his fight with Sendak. The only mention to his status afterward is Krolia figuring that Ranveig was dead due to Trugg attacking the base.


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