General Raht was a Galra general tasked by Haggar to discreetly supervise Lotor. Lotor kills him and removes his arm as a trophy immediately after discovering his position.


General Raht is a taller-than-average, male-coded Galra with a prosthetic left arm. He has fruity purple skin, dual-finned ears, and a series of small ridges on his head. He has a heavyset jaw, mutton chops, and ridiculous, flyaway eyebrows. The flesh on his scalp is more mauve than purple, and he has a similarly coloured area of pigment in the shape of a palbo goatee on his

Raht wears an orange and black suit of armour over a black bodysuit. The chestplate is decorated with two yellow trapeziums and grey accents to look like a Galra face. It tapers into a 'lapel' shape which ends just under his ribs. He has pointy black shoulder pads and one orange forearm protector. His prosthetic arm is grey and spiked like a mace, with creepy, robotic black fingers. The collar on his armour is black and wide-set, forming a tight seal around his neck. He has black armour on his legs and grey knee pads.


Raht may look wizened with knowledge and experience, but with his subpar espionage skills he barely lasts a day tailing Prince Lotor. He uses a Galran technique to block Lotor's ship's sensors - betraying his identity immediately - and then fails to react fast enough to being uncloaked. Furthermore, Raht's vehicle is a Galra fighter: a small and virtually defenceless ship if Lotor entered into a firefight.

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