Queen Luxia is the queen of race of aquatic people in season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When her home's garden fell to a plant-like monster named Baku, Luxia became the first to be enthralled by the food it provided. She then assisted with the enslavement, gradually luring more and more of her people into its influence. A number of her people tried to stop the brainwashing after reaching the conclusion that Queen Luxia was the one behind it, but Queen Luxia routed the various attempts made against her until only three rebels were left. The unexpected arrival of Lance and Hunk gave Luxia two more soldiers to fight for her master's cause, but when Lance came into contact with the rebels, Plaxum, Swirn and Blumfump, she found herself with a much more potent adversary working against her. The two Paladins and Plaxum restored Queen Luxia's free will whereupon she revealed that her people had been the monster's nourishment since the time of its arrival. After Lance and Hunk defeated the Baku, Luxia promised to act as the voice of her people, and she used an ancient energy-based transmitter to help find Lance and Hunk's friends.


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