Puigians are a species of alien race native to planet Puig.


The Puigians have a humanoid appearance. They have a brownish skin tone, brown eyes of various shades, two short horns on their foreheads, and each individual has their own unique hat, usually with round horns or fluffy ears on both sides. They also have squarish marks on their cheeks and nose which vary in colour.


Not much is known about the people of Puig, but they are shown to be very peaceful, and they all have known Voltron as their saviour for years. They have a happy life and they are very friendly.


They were freed from the Galra Empire by the Paladins some time after Shiro’s disappearance, but were temporarily retaken by Prince Lotor and his generals. Once Lotor was declared traitor to the empire, he lost hold of the planet and the Puigians formally joined the Voltron Coalition in its battles to reclaim territory.


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