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Princess Malocoti is a resident of Planet Krell. She was cursed by a witch to remain in the form of giant red dragon. In this form, she was unable to speak or attack the sorceress who maintained the spell. The Paladins defeated the sorceress and freed the Princess from the spell. Grateful for their help, Malcoti advised the Paladins to seek out the Great Universal Sphinx for help on their quest to find the Yalex.


Malcoti is an alien with humanoid features. She has alabaster skin, two sets of down-turned, elvish ears and a flowing man of red hair. She wears a margarine coloured, long-sleeved ballgown with a low neckline. She acessorises with a golden crown decorated with red gemstones, and a necklace of yellow beads.


Her normally kind and gentle demeanour was supressed by the spell, and she was trapped in a state of constant rage and fury, attacking anyone who landed on her planet. When the Paladins of Voltron arrived on Planet Krell, Lance realised that deception and communicated with Malcolm to determine her true identity.


  • Princess Malocoti is a character exclusive to the Voltron: Legendary Defender comic series.
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