VLD Malocoti 2016

Princess Malocoti is a resident of Planet Krell who was once under the spell of an evil witch and trapped in the form of a giant red dragon. Under this spell, she could not attack the sorceress, nor could she speak to tell anyone who she really was. Also, her normally kind and gentle demeanor was overtaken by rage.

Malocoti remained with the witch at a tower on Krell until the Paladins of Voltron arrived on the planet. When the princess and Voltron fought, Lance realized Malocoti was more than just a rampaging beast. Malocoti was freed from the spell when the witch was defeated and told the Paladins to seek out the Great Universal Sphinx to find the Yalex.


  • Princess Malocoti is a character exclusive to the Voltron: Legendary Defender comic series.
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