This article is about Maahox's five-in-one robeast. For the Voltron Force episode that featured it, see Predator Robeast.

Predator Robeast

Predator Robeast

The Predator Robeast is made up of 5 smaller mechanical robeasts: a wolf, a shark, a snake, a dragon, and a minotaur.

The united form consists of:

  • Minotaur (torso & head)
  • Snake (right arm)
  • Wolf (right leg)
  • Shark (left leg)
  • Dragon (left arm & wings)


Voltron Force

Created by Maahox, the five individual beasts were sent to discovers the Voltron lions' lairs on Arus, where they prevented each lion from exiting and coming to the defense of the Castle of Lions. With the help of Daniel and Larmina's Hunkyard vehicles, the lions were eventually able to break free and unite, at which time the Predator Robeast revealed its combined form. Voltron's attacks were continually bested by the Predator and Voltron might have been defeated, had Lotor not pulled rank on Maahox and called the Predator back for reasons of his own. [1]

Later in a battle with an army of Lotor clones, The Predator is dispatched to prevent the clone from robbing the true Lotor of his victory. But the beast proves difficult to control as it goes into a Haggarium rage. Despite the use of Green Center, Voltron was still no match for it. Only the power boost from Vince was able to finally stop it. [2]


  • In early drafts of Predator Robeast, a scorpion form of robeast was written instead of a snake. [3]
  • This is not the first time Voltron has face a Robeast Mech before. In Fleet of Doom, both versions of Voltron faced a set of robeasts and Lotor's Skull ship that combined into form nicknamed Lo-tron. In Voltron: The Third Dimension a recurring enemy is Dracotron, composed of five dragons that mirror Voltron's five lions.