The Poison Bugblade Clawbeast bears little resemblance to the human it mutated from.

The Poison Bugblade was the Robeast in the episode "A Pretty Spy", it is also described as the Clawbeast.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Twyla's brother before his mutation.

Originally the brother of Twyla, the Poison Bugblade Clawbeast was captured and enslaved by Planet Doom. He made a deal with Zarkon that if he allowed himself to become a robeast and defeat voltron, in exchange Doom would free him, his sister, and the other slaves. The result was a barely humanoid cyclopean Robeast with long claws and a flail weapon. Yurak beamed him down to attack Arus's cities. Hunk tried to reason with it to no avail (the beast seemed to have lost its human sentience). With no other choice, Voltron was formed and destroyed the Robeast.

Weapons and Abilities

The Poison Bugblade Clawbeast skillfully swung around a Morning star Mace and managed to damage Blue Lion. However it was no match for the fully formed Voltron and the Blazing sword which cut the chain sending the Ironball to explode in the distance. Without its weapon, the Clawbeast resorted to firing Lazon rays from its mouth. Voltron countered this with laser eyebeams and slew the monster.

The Poison Bugblade Clawbeast was skilled with a flail

The Heavy Deathsail Clawbeast had similar success against the Blue Lion, for its pilot Princess Allura was still something of a novice at this point. It clobbered her with its InfiniSteel Gauntlets while keeping the other Lions away with its Barrel Blaster Chest Cannons. After Voltron was formed, the Heavy Deathsail Clawbeast also employed its Stygian Inferno Flamethrowers and even fired off its Thigh Spike Missiles after receiving a slice from Blazing Sword. However, it could not endure a second strike from the Blazing Sword and was destroyed.


In the episode, Twyla's brother was referred to as a Clawbeast by his sister. This designation was also used to describe the Robeast in the episode "The Witch Gets a Facelift". The book Voltron: From Days of Long Ago - A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration thus names the two Poison Bugblade and Heavy Deathsail, respectively.


  • The Beast King GoLion counterpart is Gagarl.


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