In Beast King Golion, Planet Jarre was a desert planet in the same star system as Planet Altea.

Beast King Golion

Sometime before the events of the series, Jarre was conquered by the Galra Empire. It was ruled by a viceroy who administered the government and had his own guard, while swearing fealty to the Galran emperor. [1]

Jarre was liberated by Golion and its team in 1999. In the process, the incumbent viceroy was slain by Sadak.

A few months later, Prince Imperial Sincline made an attempt to retake Jarre and destroy Golion, using a duplicate of Golion. The attempt failed, and the duplicate Golion was destroyed. [2]

Jarre was later a founding world of the Leo Alliance. [3]


Jarre is almost all desert, with a breathable atmosphere and regions with temperatures that are human-tolerant. There are sand dunes located near the capital. [4]


  • Desert planets have precedents in real life. (Venus and Mars are desert planets.) There has yet to be discovered a desert planet where humans can stand on the surface sans spacesuit.


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