This article is about the Lion Force pilot as he appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Pidge (disambiguation).

Pidge is a technological genius and the Lion Force member who traditionally pilots the Green Lion. His Voltcom weapons are the smart stars, which are like ninja stars.


Pidge is a member of Galaxy Garrison. His rank is Tech Sergeant. [1]

He has a brother, Chip, who resides on Planet Balto. When Pidge can't get into contact with Chip on Intergalactic Ninja Appreciation Day, he gets worried about him and travels with the rest of the force to Balto where they discover that everyone has been turned into mindless "Ninja-Scientist Zombies" with an appetite for brains. With Vince's help, Pidge is eventually able to save Chip and the others from Maahox's brain vacuum. [2]

Later it's revealed that Pidge is the only member of a galaxy-famous techno-based music group. [3]

When an army of Lotors attacked the Castle of Lions, Pidge wanted Vince and Daniel to use a new function he built into the castle's defenses. They didn't know how to use that function because they can't keep up with the all the upgrades to the defenses. Pidge eventually realized even with Green Center's ability to block Haggarium attacks it is not enough, Pidge steps down and promotes Vince to being Green Lion's full time pilot. Pidge is now able to upgrade castle defenses to his heart's content and use them to defend Arus. [4]


  • This version of Pidge has green eyes, while the DotU incarnation has brown eyes.
  • Pidge is the smallest one out of all of them, even compared to the cadets.
  • He is a Baltan.
  • He is a decendent of ninja scientist.
  • His planet is made out of technology.
  • Pidge has a twin brother named Chip.