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Omnia was a leader among the people of the desert planet Zaul. She oversees Zaul's hidden underground city.

Omnia once rescued the injured slave Joran after he'd fallen off a ledge and had been left for dead. Omnia brought Joran to the safety of her city. When Joran awoke Omnia explained that the elaborate city had been built underground after Prince Lotor's first attack on the planet turned it into a desert wasteland.

Omni then meets the Voltron Force, who wish to help her and her people upon picking up their distress signal. Omnia then learns from Joran that he was once a loyal soldier of the Drule Empire. Despite this Omnia does not shun him. Instead she and the Voltron Force ask him for his help in their plan. After the forces of Doom are defeated and flee, Omnia thanks the Voltron Force and Joran.

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