The Olkari Tech is an Olkari who worked for Zethrid and her pirate crew. When the Lions of Voltron were caught and Zethrid and some of her crew went to hunt the Paladins, Zethrid ordered him to keep the IGF-Atlas away by sending ghost messages. The Atlas' Crew were able to discover that the Paladins were in trouble and they traced the ghost message dispatcher. When Zethrid's cruiser was shot down with an electromagnetic pulse, he, alongside the remainder of Zethrid's pirate crew, were arrested.

During Honerva's Intergalactic ritual, he, alongside Zethrid and Ezor, escaped captivity and got to the Atlas' bridge. He was able to project holographic clones of the Atlas to distract and disorient Honerva's Acolytes.


The Olkari Tech is inteligent but also proud. In the Grudge, he is impressed by how the Atlas was able to apprehend him via sonic cannon, pharsing the complement as "not many on [his] level." This suggests that he is highly confident in his abilities. Later, in "Genesis" he refers to the tech on the IGF-Atlas as child's toys, suggesting that while he was impressed with how he was defeated by the Atlas, he still regards his skills as superior. This also suggests that the Olkari Tech is arrogant and snarky, as even though he's the prisoner of the Atlas, he still does not hesistate from poking jabs at them.

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