Nyma is an alien bounty hunter. She and her partner Rolo and their cyber-unit Beezer attempted to steal Lance's Blue Lion and turn it over to Commander Prorok, in exchange for a reward and having their criminal records with the Galra wiped clean.


Nyma is a tall alien with pointed ears, cream and yellow skin or fur, and blonde hair with two brown stripes at her forehead. She has light purple irises with darker purple pupils and scalera. Her lower arms are slightly larger than her upper arms and she has three fingers.

Nyma wears a teal colored sleeveless top with light blue trim that shows her abdomen and matching loose pants with large darker blue pockets that end just under her knees, a wide brown belt, and dark blue shoes that cover her calves. Her hair is kept up in four ponytails with dark teal barrettes, and she wears two sets of three metal bracelets around her left upper arm and one set around her right upper arm. She also appears to wear pink lipstick.

On hearing of the Voltron Coalition, she is inspired to join and assist with the resistance, serving alongside Rolo, Beezer, and Matt during the battle to secure the Teq Zaiforge cannon.


  • It was hinted at in Return to the Balmera that the Galra learned of Team Voltron's plans to return to Balmera X-95-Vox from Nyma, Rolo, and Beezer. Given how the Paladins left them stranded on a moon where the Galra would certainly be looking for them - and given Commander Prorok’s obvious disgust in negotiating with them for the Blue Lion - it implied a rather grim future for these characters before they returned in the season four episodes "Begin the Blitz" and "A New Defender".


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