Naxzela is a planet occupied by the Galra Empire that was originally formed by Altean terraforming technology. Haggar uses her dark magic to remotely reactivate the technology and turn the planet into a bomb. It is freed from the Empire's control by the Voltron Coalition and Lotor, securing a third of the Empire's territory.


Naxzela is a hospitable planet with a breathable atmosphere. It is largely colonized as a military base for the Galra Empire. The rocky surface is covered in a dense fog. The military base comprises a large station surrounded by a cloaked minefield and the skies are filled with Galra warships.[1]

The core of the planet is an ancient decommissioned Altean terraforming plant that is connected to towering generators covering the planet's surface.[2] These generators do not rise from their station until the core is activated, at which point they create an energy field preventing anything from leaving the surface.[2] The barrier consists of a forcefield physically blocking escape, as well as a spike in gravity levels that even Voltron has difficulty fighting against.[2] The generator rods are hollow and lead down to the core of the planet.

Heximite makes up a large portion of the planet's surface; it is a chemical component which will explode when put under too much pressure, making the planet a deadly bomb when that could annihilate as much as ten solar systems if the terraforming technology is reactivated.[2]

There are no known inhabitants occupying the planet aside from Galra military.



  • Magnetic distortion from the planet's terraforming technology prevents communication with anyone on it.[2]
  • Naxzela's location is within or near the Galra map of zone Rebulon 55.[2] The bomb explosion is predicted to affect zones Rebulon 4 through 69, an entire quadrant.[2]


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