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A spontaneous daredevil and adrenaline junkie, Rizavi is a natural in the cockpit. Although her parents wanted her to go to a good school and become a doctor, she opted to pursue becoming a fighter pilot instead. She is a ball of energy and is constantly craving excitement and adventure..

— Official Profile , Voltron: Legendary Defender Official Website

Nadia Rizavi is a female officer of the Galaxy Garrison in season 7 of Voltron: Legendary Defender. She is one of the four pilots who aid Team Voltron in the fight to liberate Earth from Sendak.


Nadia is a human female, between 18-23 years old. She has dark, caramel-coloured skin and medium-length, black hair. Her hair is done up in a ponytail with a teal scrunchie and matching headband. Nadia has olive green eyes and a prominent forehead. She wears wireframe, oval glasses.

Nadia wears the standard Galaxy Garrison uniform. It's a white coat with orange sleeves, a mandarin collar and a circular, gold bade on her right arm. The coat has black piping and cinches at the waist with a broad black belt. She wears grey pants and polished, black boots. Nadia's coat has two gold stripes, which indicates she is a senior cadet.


Rizavi is shown to be a rather friendly and upbeat person. She is caring about her team members, shown to be mourning and almost feel guilty for Veronica's "death" since she started the train before Veronica was on board.

Rizavi is not only one of the best pilot cadets at the Garrison, she is also a fairly good engineer - shown when repairs and gets the train running again.



  • Nadia's first name is not spoken in-series, where she is referred to only by her last name, but was revealed on the official Voltron website.
  • Nadia's first name is the same as Lance's niece, but they are different characters.[1]


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