Commander Morvok is a Galra Commander who serves the Galra Empire. He carried out his duties on Taujeer and Zarkon gave him a mission to capture Voltron, but fortunately Team Voltron prevented his intentions and he fled after his ship exploded.

Later on in Season 7, he appears on the intergalactic game show Garfle Warfle Snick as a contestant alongside Zarkon, Haggar, and Lotor.


Morvok is a highly cowardly individual, making a speech about dying for the Galra empire, only to escape via an escape pod. He is also known for his brown-nosing around Zarkon, employing any means necessary to get on the Emperor's good side, even though Zarkon finds him a contemptible little toady of no real merit. Morvok possesses a Napoleon complex, often compensating for his diminutive stature by using a hover platform to tower above his enemies and subordinates.


He appears in The Feud!, as an illusion opponent.


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