LV Mirana

Mirana is a native of planet Mira. Mirana's people were made slaves by the Drule Empire. Her father was later kidnapped and experimented on by the witch Haggar.


One day, her father returned to her, now in the form of a half man-half fish creature. On that same day a Galaxy Alliance ship is forced to crash land on her planet. Mirana and her father found the ship. She then met Lieutenant Lorn and saved him from a Drule ambush.

Mirana, along with Lorn and her father then tried to free the prisoners being forced to harvest the giant flowers. They're plan fails and Mirana and Lorn are caught.

Mirana is then used as bait in a trap set by Haggar for Voltron. Mirana was forced to watch as her fathers' attempt to help ended up accidentally turning him into a Robeast. Mirana's father was injured during the fighting but Voltron saved his life. Mirana's father then returned to normal.


  • Mirana is a character exclusive to the U.S. version of the Voltron series.
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