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    Puggsy is a (former) antagonist turned tritagonist of Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He’s a dog who lost his owner and Frankie DaFlea’s best friend.


    He first appeared while Tom and Jerry were fighting. He and Frankie mentioned that they are fighting and insulted them. Later, they started to humiliate them because they were fighting instead of being friends. Frankie was a little softer, and tried to explain Puggsy that Tom and Jerry are a cat and a mouse, who are natural enemies. But Puggsy didn’t want to hear about that, and started to manipulate Tom and Jerry to become friends, even though he saw that they don’t want to be friends. He also showed that he hates difference between him and others, and wants to manipulate others to think like him, and he will try to convince them to change their personality, even to the point forcing them (even though he sees that they don’t want to become like him). He also doesn’t care if anyone will die rather than listening to him, and he’s willing to let anybody die. He and Frankie sang the song Friends To The End, which was a manipulating song which was supposed to force Tom and Jerry to become friends. Later, they were captured by Straycatchers, who brang them to Dr. Applecheek. When Pristine Figg brang Tom and Jerry to Dr. Applecheek, when he put them into the cage and brang them to Straycatchers to lock them in bigger cage, Tom and Jerry saw Puggsy and Frankie again. Later, they all teamed up to escape and freed all other animals. Puggsy and Frankie are so lazy and mean, and that’s why they didn’t want to help Tom and Jerry in their mission to save Robyn Starling and help her to find her father. They also didn’t care if someone bad could happen to them during their mission. They are guys who don’t care about anybody except themselves. Puggsy and Frankie appeared again at the end of movie, when they were seen reading the newspaper where were news about that Tom and Jerry saved the town. They were happy because they succeeded in manipulation Tom and Jerry becoming friends. It’s unknown what happened to them later.


    The only reason why Puggsy and Frankie count as heroes is because they teamed up with Tom and Jerry to escape from Dr. Applecheek and Straycatchers, even though Jerry did all the work, and they are just two lazy guys.

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