Medusa Anga represents something of an anomaly; in addition to being one of the few female Robeasts on record, she is also the only known instance of one actually turning on its cruel masters to aid the Voltron Force.


  • The Golion version of this character was far more tragic. The sole survivor of a fever that killed the rest of her species, including her own child, Anga was captured by Sincline in hopes of harnessing her specie's unique 'Beam Eye weapon' and forced to fight in the arena. Later on Arus, it was her grief over her dead child that lead Anga to transfer her maternal instincts towards Pidge and by extension Team Voltron, ultimately resulting in her death.

Medusa Anga's action figure prototype, from the 1986 Toy Fair catalog.

  • Perhaps due to its unique status, an action figure of Medusa Anga was planned and prototyped for Panosh Place's proposed 1986 second wave of Voltron toys.


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