Princess Malocoti is an alien resident of a Krell who is under the spell of an evil Krell Sorceress and trapped in the form of a giant red dragon. Under this spell, she cannot attack the sorceress, but also cannot speak to tell anyone who she is. Her kind behavior is overtaken by rage as a dragon.

She remains with the Krell Sorceress at the tower on Krell until the Paladins arrive and Lance recognizes her enraged behavior to be the same as Allura's when she is angry with him. Malocoti is freed from the spell when the sorceress is defeated and tells the Paladins to seek out the Sphinx to find the Yalex.


  • Malocoti is a comic-exclusive character.
  • She shares an identical appearance with the Krell Sorceress, only differing in color.
  • She is voiced by Fryda Wolff.
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