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Macidus is a Druid who used to serve Haggar. He tricks Team Voltron by luring them to a war-struck planet in "The Ruins" and pretending to be a native of the planet. He had been using Kolivan's code to lure other Blade of Marmora members to his lair, where he killed them.


Macidus is fanatically loyal to Haggar that he dutifully follows her last order even though he appeared to be the last surviving member of his group. In "the Ruins," he claims that if he manages to eradicate the Blade of Mamora, Haggar will be willing to accept him back, which shows to what extent he's willing to follow Haggar.


Prior to Voltron's disappearance and even their first battle with Zarkon, Macidus was one of the druids Keith encountered at the Galra outpost the paladins infiltrated in Collection and Extraction. Keith followed him to a quintessence storage area and witnessed Macidus alter several containers of Quintessence. The two battled for some time, during which Keith was flung into a container of the altered Quintessence that spilled onto his hand. Macidus referenced this injury upon revealing his true intentions to Team Voltron.

In "the Ruins" or sometime before that, he manages to capture Kolivan and acquire his Blade distress signal, which he then uses to lure in unsuspecting Blades.

Powers and Abilities

Macidus is a skilled fighter who can use dark magic to trap people, although Allura managed to remove the spell, and to teleport around an opponent during battle.

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