The Mecha-Flex-Exo Ares fighters, or MFEs, are advanced human aircraft created by Galaxy Garrison engineeers and Sam Holt. The fighters combine parts lifted from a 10,000 year old Altean shuttle with Earth materials.

The MFE controls are said to be so intuitive that its like they respond to telepathic commands. Their arsenals include lasers, EMP projectiles, and general purpose bombs. The engines compare poorly to Balmera crystals, but they allow the fighters to go faster than any Earth vehicle before them. Their unprecedented design enables human pilots to operate comfortably inside while exceeding Mach 10.

MFEs are only capable of short-range attacks ad must return regularly to their base to recharge. But with the addition of the infinite mass crystal to ATLAS, MFEs can be fully charged in a matter of minutes -- demonstrated their incredible energy efficiency.

Current pilots are James Griffin, Ina Leifsdottir, Ryan Kinkade, and Nadia Rizavi.


  • The fighters Adam W. and his fellow pilots use appear to be first-generation versions of the later fighters flown by James Griffin and his team.
  • Ares  is the Greek god of war, representing the senseless and untamed nature of conflict.
  • In the show, the MFE-Ares fighters were referred to as a squadron, even though in reality that would mean 12 to 24 aircraft instead of the four fighters shown, which is more accurately described as a single flight.


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