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Lotor's New Hitman is the thirty-seventh episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

An excellent yet egotistical alien pilot by the name of Karp is recruited by Lotor and Haggar to pilot a new Robeast for Zarkon against Voltron.

Despite protests from Mogor that Karp is not disciplined enough for the task. Karp is given the responsibility of piloting Haggar's newest and most powerful Robeast.

When he arrives on Arus, Karp wreaks havoc. The Voltron Force do their best, but simply can't keep up with Karp and his Robeast. Upon his return to Planet Doom, request he be made Governor General of Arus after he defeats Voltron. This annoys Mogor to no end.

Meanwhile the Voltron team train to try and surpass the speed of Karp's Robeast. Soon enough Karp returns and they put their training to the test. The training pays off as the team is able to bait Karp into overtasking his Robeast. Karp is eventually defeated when his Robeast is pushed past it's limits and he is forced to flee.

Mogor makes it clear to Lotor that he is not disappointed that Karp had such a short career as Governor General. Lotor states that Karp could still be useful in the future, unfortunately Karp did not make a very good landing and would likely be in no condition to fly for some time.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Other Arusians

Planet Doom



Drule Officer: "Karp, you're a fool if you think Planet Arus has no other defenses."
Karp: "Only an idiot would lecture a fool, you should be worrying about what I'll do to you!"

    — Karp, growing a bit over-confident


"Either he's fast or I'm goin' backwards!"
    — Hunk and his lion are left chasing Karp's dust

Notes and Goofs

  • In the Voltron version of events, Karp's death was covered up. Lotor even states that Karp, unfortunately did not make a very good landing and would probably be in no condition to fly for some time. His Golion counterpart Reggar was not so lucky and could be seen disintegrating before crashing.


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