LV Lt. Lorn

Lieutenant Lorn was a young Galaxy Garrison pilot who once crash landed on the planet Mira.


Lorn met the native girl Mirana after crashing on planet Mira, Mirana saved Lorn from a Drule ambush.

Lorn, along with Mirana and the strange fish-like man creature then tried to free his fellow crewmates, now being forced to harvest the giant flowers. The plan fails and he and Mirana were captured.

Lorn and Mirana were then used as bait in a trap set by Haggar for Voltron. Voltron arrived and managed to save Lorn and his crew. After the fighting was over and Mira was freed from Drule occupation, Lorn went to his commanding officer and requested he be allowed to stay on Mira. His request was granted.


  • Lieutenant Lorn is a character exclusive to the U.S. version of the Voltron series.
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