Lo-Tron was a Super Robot formed from several Robeasts, and Lotor's command ship. Its component robeasts were:

  1. The Head: Lotor's own Supernova-Class Drule Skull Ship
  2. Torso: Scorpio
  3. Wings: Stag Beetle
  4. Arms: Armour(or actually Armadillo) Beast
  5. Feet & Legs: Rhino Beast


  • According to Jeremy Corray, the name "Doom-Tron" also works.
  • Lo-tron and his component robeasts were the antagonists of Monsterpocalypse's Voltron set.
  • Lo-tron's concept as Lotor's Super Robot designed to match Voltron later be reused for developing Sincline Mech in Voltron: Legendary Defender.
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