The Voltron series underwent a great deal of censorship for the American version. To appease American censors at the time, all death was eliminated. All those that died were now shown to be robot duplicates, or were said to be sent off to heal, or being sent into another dimension even.

Voltron unedited couple slashed in half

Couple sliced in half with much blood

  • Episode 22, The Deadly Flowers, featured in the Japanese version the flowers killing people in great number. In the American version, the people were just under a sleeping spell.
  • In Episode 38, "GoLion Hunting", innocent helpless people are being brutally murdered by the Death Commandos, a group of blue skinned people who enjoy cutting them up. There is a great amount of blood shown. None of this made it to the Voltron counterpart, "Raid of the Red Berets".

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Content edits

  • Shots of shooting/explicit torture (e.g., whipping) prisoners/civilians/slaves, and some shots of corpses were removed.
  • Bloody arena battles, most notably in the first episode of the series, were heavily edited to remove most of the graphic scenes of characters dying.
  • Zarkon's soldiers were referred to as robots as opposed to alien soldiers. Also, crews of space ships that were destroyed were often either said to have been evacuated prior or referred to as robot-ships in order to lessen the impact of their deaths.
  • In the case of special characters who died in the original series, they sometimes escaped (in the case of Haggar/Honerva) or sent off-planet to receive medical treatment for their injuries, even though they died in the original Japanese series. Since this was the case with Sven (Shirogane) and Nanny (Hisu), the scenes of their funeral and characters visiting their graves were thus cut. While Sven was "brought back" through the use of Shirogane's younger brother Ryou (who was an exact lookalike of his dead brother) being declared to be Sven, both Haggar and Nanny would be absent for several episodes until the show's United States exclusive second season aired, bringing them back to the forefront.
  • The beginning of episode 21 heavily implies that Sincline (Lotor) raped Princess Amue (Romelle) during her days as his prisoner. In Voltron's case, the removal of a sequence where Sincline knocks Amue out before carrying her off her cell and some dialogue changes suggest that Lotor's abuse of Romelle was physical rather than sexual, though it could be interpreted either way (eg, in both versions he attempts to kiss her by force and she slaps him away, she's later seen returning to the cell alone and in tears, and some girls kept hostage with her refer to him as "wretched" or as a "beast").

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