Voltron Force currently runs exlusively on the Nicktoons cable network in the USA.


Season 1

The first three episodes premiered as one cut-together 90-minute movie "The Trilogy" on June 16, 2011 at 8:30pm EDT.[1] The premier was the highest-rated Nicktoons debut ever.[2]

Ep. # Episode title Director Writer(s) Original Air Date[3]
1 New School Defenders John Delaney Todd Garfield (USA) June 16, 2011
The legend of Voltron is tarnished, and the Voltron pilots have moved on. Or so young cadets Daniel and Vince have been led to believe...
2 Defenders of Arus John Delaney Todd Garfield (USA) June 16, 2011
Daniel and Vince arrive at the Castle of Lions and meet a fellow Cadet Larmina, who is revealed to be Princess Allura's niece and the trio are given their "Voltcoms", special gauntlets that will allow them to become future pilot's for the Lions. Meanwhile Kala, a Drule commander, and Maahox, a scientist, succeed in bringing Lotor back to life...
3 Defenders of the Universe John Delaney Todd Garfield (USA) June 16, 2011
Wade goes insane, replacing all Alliance soldiers with robots, while he sends a massive Robot Lion to battle both the Voltron Force and Kala...
4 Coran Coran[4] John Delaney Brandon Sawyer (USA) June 23, 2011
When Pidge shows off the new tail-weapon upgrades, the Voltron Force receives a distress call from Coran, but when they try to rescue him, they fall into a trap set by Wade...
5 Joyride to Doom John Delaney Ross Beeley (USA) June 30, 2011
When the cadets grow impatient with their lack of flight hours in the Lions, Daniel convinces the group to borrow the Lions so they can sneak off to go to Planet Doom. But they soon find themselves abducted and held prisoner by Maahox...
6 The Hunkyard John Delaney Todd Garfield (USA) July 7, 2011
Hunk takes the cadets on a bonding mission to his secret junkyard called The Hunkyard to learn teamwork and to build their own vehicles...
7 Lion Riders Return John Delaney Brandon Sawyer (USA) July 14, 2011
The team receives a distress call from the lion riders of planet Ariel, where Wade's been drilling for an ore in the planet's core. While there, Vince's strange abilities open up an ancient door.
8 Flash Form Go![5] John Delaney Chris Bishop & Adam F. Goldberg (USA) July 21, 2011
A strange robotic eye is tearing up Arus, and attacks too fast to allow Voltron to form!
9 Dark Blue John Delaney Todd Garfield (USA) July 28, 2011
A Drule freighter full of Haggarium crashes into the bottomless ocean of planet Poseidous... with Vince inside!
10 Wanted and Unwanted John Delaney Ross Beeley (USA) Aug 4, 2011
Daniel and Keith are arrested and sent to "The Void," Wade's secret prison.
11 Predator Robeast John Delaney Adam Beechen (USA) Aug 11, 2011
Maahox's new robeasts prevent the Voltron Lions from leaving their dens.
12 Hungry for Voltron John Delaney Len Uhley (USA) Aug 18, 2011
Allura takes a diplomatic trip to Ebb, a planet under Garrison blockade.
13 Clash of the Lions John Delaney Brandon Sawyer (USA) Aug 25, 2011
Wade takes control of Voltron!
14 Inside the Music John Delaney Mark Drop (USA) Nov 3, 2011
A sonic robeast disrupts a concert for galactic peace.
15 Rogue Trip John Delaney Daniel Powell (USA) Nov 10, 2011
The lions rebel against the team; the recruits meet Voltron's biggest fan.
16 Brains John Delaney Hans Rodionoff (USA) Nov 17, 2011
The team travels to Pidge's home planet, where they encounter... zombies?
17 Ghost in the Lion John Delaney Jeremy Corray (USA) Nov 27, 2011
A figure from Voltron's past steals Blue Lion.
18 Gary John Delaney Scott Sonneborn (USA) Feb 29, 2012
Vince's gaming skills win him an odd little creature that turns out to have a hidden agenda.
19 Five Forged John Delaney Brandon Sawyer (USA) Mar 7, 2012
The team must unlock ancient secrets to repair the Black Lion's Haggarium infection.
20 Dradin, Baby, Dradin John Delaney Daniel Powell (USA) Mar 14, 2012
Manset invites the Voltron Force to his extravagant resort on planet Dradin.
21 I, Voltron John Delaney Henry Gilroy (USA) Mar 21, 2012
When Daniel's consciousness is accidentally transferred into Voltron, he suddenly finds himself the living embodiment of the Defender of the Universe.
22 Crossed Signals John Delaney Adam Beechen (USA) Mar 28, 2012
The Voltron Force receives an ancient distress call that leads them to the remains of a wrecked fleet out in space.
23 Roots of Evil John Delaney Len Uhley (USA) Apr 4, 2012
Maahox's Haggarium-producing plant-life causes havoc on Arus; Allura has trouble juggling her pilot and royal roles.
24 The Army Of One John Delaney Scott Sonneborn (USA) Apr 11, 2012
Lotor attacks the Castle of Lions with an army of clones.
25 Deceive and Conquer John Delaney Brandon Sawyer (USA) Apr 18, 2012
King Lotor vs. "the Lider" vs. Voltron!
26 Black John Delaney ? (USA) Apr 25, 2012
In Voltron Force's final battle, Castle Doom transforms into the largest Robeast ever and sets out to destroy the Galaxy Alliance.


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