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There are 124 episodes of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. They consist of 72 Lion Force episodes and 52 Vehicle Force episodes. These two sets of episodes share a very loosely-linked continuity, but plot wise have little to do with each other.

The first 52 Lion Force episodes are directly adapted from the Japanese series Beast King Golion. The remainder were new productions commissioned by WEP.

All 52 Vehicle Force episodes are directly adapted from the Japanese series Armored Fleet Dairugger.

Fleet of Doom, the crossover special featuring both teams, is a mix of re-used and commissioned new footage.

Lion Force episodes[]

Episode numbers, airdates, and titles are as documented by the booklets included in The Voltron Collection DVD box sets unless otherwise indicated.

Ep. # Title Airdate (y-m-d) Summary Page Status
1 Space Explorers Captured 1984-09-10 Five space explorers are captured by and escape from the Drules. done
2 Escape to Another Planet 1984-09-11 The five space explorers reach Arus and learn about Voltron done
3 A Ghost and Four Keys 1984-09-12 To reactivate the lions, the Voltron Force must visit the tomb of the late King Alfor. What will they get? done
4 The Missing Key 1984-09-13 With a robeast threatening the Castle of Lions, the Voltron Force must find the key to Black Lion done
5 Princess Joins Up 1984-09-14 Doom deploys a powerful robeast that is more than a match for Voltron done
6 The Right Arm of Voltron 1984-09-17 Haggar executes a plan to kill or capture one member of the Voltron Force. Will it succeed? done
7 The Lion Has New Claws 1984-09-18 With the Voltron Force short one man, can they find a replacement before Doom strikes again? done
8 The Stolen Lion 1984-09-26 Princess Allura is saved during combat training by the handsome Prince Bokar, but is he friend or foe? done
9 A Pretty Spy 1984-09-27 The Voltron Force takes in a refugee slave girl of Zarkon's, but is she friend or foe? done
10 Secret of the White Lion 1984-09-28 Princess Allura has a dream leading her to a white lion believed to contain the spirit of her father, but is it friend or foe? done
11 Surrender 1984-10-01 Faced with Apocalyptic weather, a seeming no-win situation, and a seemingly-invincible foe, do the heroes of the Voltron Force have any choice but to.... done
12 Bad Birthday Party 1984-10-08 A boy from the distant planet of Nemon comes to the Castle of Lions and begs the help of Voltron, but is he friend or foe? done
13 The Witch Gets a Facelift 1984-10-12 It appears that Princess Allura's aunt, Queen Orla, is coming to the Castle of Lions, but is she friend or foe? done
14 Yurak Gets His Pink Slip 1984-11-02 Tired of Yurak's failures, Zarkon finds someone to lead the campaign against Arus- his own son, Crown Prince Lotor. done
15 Give Me Your Princess 1984-11-03 Prince Lotor has become obsessed with Princess Allura and lays siege to the Castle of Lions in an attempt to capture her for his own. done
16 Bridge Over the River Chozzerai 1984-10-04 The Princess Allura reenacts a romantic legend with one of the members of the Voltron Force, but will she end up in Prince Lotor's arms instead? done
17 My Brother is a Robeast 1984-11-19 Zarkon forms an alliance with a world that has held a long grudge against Planet Arus. done
18 Zarkon is Dying 1984-10-05 Zarkon is deathly ill, and Lotor seeks his cure on Planet Arus. However, the Witch Saundra has also prepared a nasty surprise for him to use upon his arrival.... done
19 The Buried Castle 1984-10-16 The emergence of an ancient castle from beneath Planet Arus could spell Doom for the Voltron Force. done
20 Pidge's Home Planet 1984-10-25 While Arus' court worries about Allura's potential husband, Pidge's home, an Earthlike planet, is in its death throes. Can the Voltron Force save it? Can they save themselves? done
21 It'll Be a Cold Day 1984-11-21 Romelle escapes Lotor's prison and crashlands in an ice planet. It's up to Voltron to save her. done
22 The Deadly Flowers 1984-10-09 Allura falls ill to some deadly flowers, and it is up to Lance to find a cure done
23 It Takes Real Lions 1984-10-17 Lotor trains a special robeast to take down the Voltron lions. Will the team be able to take it down? done
24 Raid of the Alien Mice 1984-10-10 Witch Haggar sends horrendous rats to destroy the circuits of the castle and stop the team from forming Voltron. done
25 Short Run of the Centipede Express 1984-10-11 Zarkon and Haggar go to Planet Maura to test out a new weapon. Can the Voltron Force stop them? done
26 The Invisible Robeast 1984-10-26 Haggar deploys an invisible robeast. How can Voltron fight what it can not see? done
27 The Green Medusa 1984-10-15 A giant Medusan attacks planet Arus and captures Pidge, but it can be friendly. done
28 Treasure of Planet Tyrus 1984-10-30 The Voltron Force take an opportunity to strike at Lotor during his birthday party. done
29 Magnetic Attraction 1984-11-06 Lotor uses a brand new weapon to attack Arus with fire and magnetic powers. Will Voltron Force be able to defend it? done
30 The Sleeping Princess 1984-10-18 Princess Allura becomes the next Sleeping Beauty after being poisoned by the Witch Haggar, but can the Voltron Force save her from the handsome prince? done
31 The Sincerest Form of Flattery 1984-10-31 Haggar deploys a new, powerful robeast that might be able to take out Voltron done
32 A Transplant for Blue Lion 1984-11-15 With Voltron crippled, the Voltron Force must train before Doom strikes again done
33 Attack of the Fierce Frogs 1984-11-08 Pidge finds some tadpoles and gives it to some children. Unknown to him, they were part of a plot by Haggar to attack Arus done
34 Lotor Traps Pidge 1984-10-19 Strong winds are plaguing Arus. Lotor wants to implement a bomb underground, but Pidge goes in defense of the planet. done
35 Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics 1984-10-29 Haggar creates a kind of virus that could end the Space Olympics. done
36 Lotor's Clone 1984-11-07 Zarkon is not pleased with Lotor's performance in the battle against Voltron. Because of that, Haggar creates a clone that can increase his popularity with his own father. done
37 Lotor's New Hitman 1984-11-14 Zarkon and Lotor meet a talented pilot that can put an end to Voltron. done
38 Raid of the Red Berets 1984-11-16 A raid of robots is set to spread fear across Arus and defeat Voltron with the help of Lotor. done
39 The Captive Comet 1984-10-22 Zarkon and Haggar plot to use the Omega Comet to trap and destroy Voltron and Arus done
40 The Little Prince 1984-10-23 With Voltron trapped, can Prince Bandor save it and the Voltron Force? done
41 There Will Be a Royal Wedding 1984-10-24 Princess Romelle is trapped in the Pit of Skulls on Planet Doom. Can she escape? done
42 The Sand People 1984-11-05 In a new diabolical plan, Lotor wants to take small harmless sand creatures and turn them into monsters. Will Voltron be able to save them? done
43 Voltron Frees the Slaves 1984-11-12 Lotor gets the job to manage a new colony, but the people in this planet are brave and won't surrender that easily. Will they be able to save their planet? done
44 Voltron vs. Voltron 1984-11-09 Doom figures out the best way to fight Voltron is with their own Voltron. Will the imitation be better than the original? done
45 One Princess to Another 1984-11-20 Sven goes on a covert mission to take out a Doom space station done
46 The Mighty Space Mouse 1984-11-13 The space mice decide to join the fight done
47 Summit Meeting 1984-11-22 Allura meets with leaders of nearby worlds to present a united front against Zarkon. Will they succeed? done
48 Return of Coran's Son 1984-11-01 A young man who saved princess Allura is discovered to be Coran's lost son done
49 Coran's Son Runs Amok 1984-11-02 Coran's son true whereaouts are discovered. There's no option but fight the clone that took out his place. done
50 Zarkon Becomes a Robeast 1984-11-23 Deposed by the Drule Empire, Zarkon becomes a robeast done
51 Lotor the King 1984-11-26 As king, Lotor launches a counterattack against Voltron done
52 Final Victory 1984-11-27 Lotor makes a stand as the Galaxy Alliance invades Planet Doom done
53 Dinner and a Show 1985-10-21 In the wake of the destruction of the Drule Empire, Zarkon continues his second campaign of conquest, targeting Planet Pollux done
54 Envoy from Galaxy Garrison 1985-10-22
55 Mousemania 1985-10-23
56 The Shell Game 1985-10-24
57 The Traitor 1985-10-25
58 Voltron Meets Jungle Woman 1985-10-28
59 Little Buddies 1985-10-29
60 Who Was That Masked Man? 1985-10-30
61 Take a Robot to Lunch 1985-11-01
62 War and Peace... And Doom! 1985-11-04
63 Who's Flyin' Blue Lion? 1985-11-05 Zarkon teams up with Largo, King of the Rogue Galaxy. As the leaders of the Galaxy Alliance meet to discuss this new threat, they find that not even Earth and Galaxy Garrison are safe. done
64 Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness 1985-11-06 Zarkon allies with Queen Merla to take down Voltron. What is her agenda? done
65 A Ghost of a Chance 1985-11-07
66 To Soothe the Savage Robeast 1985-11-08 Haggar releases a slave in a plot to poison Keith. done
67 Doom Girls on the Prowl 1985-11-11
68 With Friends Like You 1985-11-12
69 Lotor - My Hero? 1985-11-13 Lotor attempts to kill Zarkon done
70 No Muse Is Good Muse 1985-11-14
71 The Alliance Strikes Back! 1985-11-15 The Galaxy Alliance makes a major offensive against Doom done
72 Breakin' up is Hard to Doom


Lotor offers to help Voltron topple his father. What traps lay in store for Voltron and the Voltron Force? done

Vehicle Force episodes[]

Episode numbers, airdates, and titles are as documented by the booklets included in The Voltron Collection DVD box sets unless otherwise indicated.

The DVD menus of the Voltron Collection Vehicle Force sets use an episode numbering that starts from 1. (Strangely, the printed booklets use the regular numbering.) This numbering is in parentheses in the table.

Ep. # Title Airdate (y-m-d) Summary Page Status
73 (1) In Search of New Worlds 1984-10-19 The Galaxy Garrison fleet discovers a new planet; Quark offers opposition. done
74 (2) First Day on a New World 1984-10-27 Exploration of the new planet continues; Quark attacks again. done
75 (3) Building a New World 1984-11-03 The standoff over the newfound planet reaches a tragic conclusion. done
76 (4) Goodbye New World 1984-11-10
77 (5) Try This World for Size 1984-11-17
78 (6) A Storm of Meteors 1984-09-20
79 (7) Help Not Wanted 1984-09-29
80 (8) Ghost Fleet from Another Planet 1984-10-07
81 (9) A Very Short Vacation 1985-01-14
82 (10) Planet of the Bats 1984-09-21 Modoc falls ill while exploring a new planet. With him down, how can Voltron be formed?
83 (11) A Temporary Truce 1984-12-14
84 (12) Wolo's Lost World 1984-12-17
85 (13) Planet Stop for Repairs 1984-12-24
86 (14) A Curious Comet 1984-12-25
87 (15) In the Enemy Camp 1985-03-5
88 (16) Who's on First 1984-12-18
89 (17) No, Who's on Second 1985-01-15
90 (18) What's on First 1985-01-16
91 (19) Great Stone Space Faces 1985-01-17
92 (20) Defend the New World 1984-12-19
93 (21) Meanwhile Back at Galaxy Garrison 1984-12-28
94 (22) Nerok Scores Big 1985-01-18
95 (23) Hazar on the Carpet 1984-12-20
96 (24) Hazar is Demoted 1984-12-26
97 (25) Just Like Earth 1985-01-07
98 (26) The Planet Trap 1984-12-31
99 (27) Save the Space Station 1985-02-01
100 (28) Planet of the Amazons 1985-01-02
101 (29) Revolt of the Slaves 1985-01-11
102 (30) Raid on Galaxy Garrison 1985-01-21
103 (31) Smashing the Meteor Barrier 1985-01-01
104 (32) A Man-Made Sun 1985-01-03
105 (33) Captain Newley Returns 1984-12-27
106 (34) Hazar Bucks the Empire 1985-01-24
107 (35) Letters from Home 1984-12-21
108 (36) Peace! A Fish Story 1985-01-25
109 (37) The Red Moon People 1985-01-08
110 (38) This World's for the Birds 1985-01-09
111 (39) That's the Old Ball Game 1985-02-04
112 (40) Red Moon Rises Again 1985-01-31
113 (41) Another Solar System 1985-01-29
114 (42) Whose World Is It? 1985-01-30
115 (43) It's Anybody's World 1985-02-05
116 (44) Frozen Assets 1985-02-06
117 (45) Coconuts 1985-02-07
118 (46) It Could Be a Long War 1985-02-08
119 (47) Color Me Invisible 1985-02-11
120 (48) Time Is Running Out 1985-02-12
121 (49) Zero Hour Approaches 1985-02-13
122 (50) The Drules' World Cracks Up 1985-02-14
123 (51) The Drules Surrender[1] 1985-02-15
124 (52) The End of Hazar's World 1985-02-18

Fleet of Doom[]

Title Airdate (y-m-d) Summary
Fleet of Doom


  1. The booklet included in Voltron Collection 8: Sea Team punctuates this as "The Drule's Surrender" and (in another place) "The Drules' Surrender". Grammatically, omitting the apostrophe altogether makes more sense and this is adopted here. A case could be made for the correctness of "Drules'" as well, but it seems unlikely.
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