There are 52 episodes of Beast King Golion.


Episode numbers and titles are as documented by The Beast King Golion Collection unless otherwise indicated.

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Ep. # Title Summary Page Status
1 Escape from Slave Castle Five space pilots are captured by and escape from alien forces. done
2 The Ruined Phantom Planet The team lands on Altea and learns the legend of Golion. done
3 The Ghost and the Five Keys The team searches desperately to find the 5 Golion keys. done
4 Resurrection of the Legendary Giant The team finds the final key and saves the world. done
5 Fortress for the New Struggle In the midst of another Galra attack, Altea gets a new fortress-castle.
6 Death of Shirogane the Hero The Golion pilots become targets in this episode and its possible someone just might die.
7 The Beautiful Princess' Battle With Shirogane dead, could the Golion team find a new partner for Blue Lion?
8 Stolen Blue Lion A handsome pilot appears on Altea who impresses everyone but Kurogane.
9 Girl of the Land of Evil Hothead rescues a girl who apparently escaped from Galra. But not all is as it seems...
10 Curse of the White Lion A white lion appears and Fala believes it is the reincarnation of her mother (father in the English Dub).
11 The Red Rain of Hell Blood rains down on Altea. Golion must defeat the half-beastman responsible.
12 Evildoing of the Emperor The Emperor has an enslaved planet build him a statue for his 500th birthday. A slave escapes to get help from Golion.
13 Introducing Beautiful Honerva Queen Elena, Fala's Aunt, is alive and is coming to the castle, but Honerva intervenes
14 The Crown Prince of Hell Daibazaal sends a new foe for the Golion team- his own son!
15 Overcome the Phantom of Shirogane Fala trains in Black Lion to prove herself a worthy team member of Golion. This upsets the team who wish Shirogane was alive and pilot of blue lion.
16 The Legendary Bridge of Love

At the dedication of a new bridge, Sincline attempts to capture Fala.

17 Challenge from Space A world with a long bitter feud with Altea issues a challenge to Golion
18 Footsteps in the Forest of Fear Another scientist makes a potion that implants souls of beastmen into plants. Sincline goes to Altea to get a cure for his father.
19 The Mystery of Ghost Castle After an earthquake a mysterious ghost castle appears, but it is more than it appears.
20 Goodbye, Earth Earth is in trouble, and the Golion team races to Earth to help. Will they save the Earth? Or be destroyed with it?
21 Altea's Sister Planet Princess Amue escapes from Sincline and calls her brother and Golion for help when she crash lands on a frozen planet.
22 Phantom Space Flowers Mysterious flowers bloom on Altea and everyone gets sick. Blue lion leaves in search of a cure
23 Friday the 13th Golion takes a day off for a swim but their fun doesn't last long
24 Look for the Little Shadows The Galrans deploy pint-sized saboteurs. Only the Space Mice can take them on
25 Destroy the Giant Cannon! Sincline is building a giant cannon on planet Mura, a sister planet to Altea.
26 Defeat the Invisible Enemy 3 members of Golion are away from the castle when attacked by an invisible enemy.
27 Giant Beastman's Lullaby Sincline's new beastman thinks Shorty is her baby.
28 The Demon's Birthday Golion team takes the opportunity to bring the battle to Sincline after answering a distress call.
29 Comes a Fiery Sky All the water on Altea dries up and Blue Lion can't function
30 The Prince Imperial's Dark Love The people of Altea mourn upon hearing that Princess Fala is dead. Is she really dead? Or is a more sinister plan afoot?
31 The Dreaded Mecha Beastman Sincline challenges and loses to his father. Meanwhile Altea's new advance warning system is launched just in the nick of time.
32 Behold the Hundred-Ton Punch Golion trains hard after their defeat to face the Dreaded Mecha Beastman once more.
33 Terror of the Space Frogs Shorty and some kids bring tadpoles home with them only to discover they're from Galra.
34 Underground Operation Sincline digs a tunnel to put a bomb under the castle to defeat Altea.
35 Protect the Soccer Field Golion team builds a new stadium for the people of Altea but must defend it against the equipment enchanted by Honerva
36 Mortal Combat between Light and Shadow The clone of Sincline goes up against Golion
37 Space Speed Demon The fastest pilot in the empire gets a new craft that can outpace Golion.
38 Golion Hunting An elite team from the empire attacks the Altea people.
39 The Hypergravity Planetoid Trap Honverva uses her powers to send a destructive asteroid with massive gravity on a collision course with Altea.
40 No Tomorrow for Altea With the Golion team out of the way, Sincline launches a full scale assault on Altea.
41 Brave Shirogane's Brother Sincline discovers Princess Amue survived her fall and tries to recapture her.
42 The Sand Planet of Death Golion receives an SOS from a friend about Galra's latest evil plan.
43 Angry Youth Suicide Corp Galra takes planet Amazon back. Four youths join together to try and take their home back.
44 The Planet Jarre Oath Galra makes their own Golion. Can the original Golion stand against it?
45 The Great Army of Darkness The Emperor creates a plan to send 500 beastmen to Altea. Ryou, Amue, and two others gather intel for Golion.
46 Fight Back, Space Mice Platt whips his family into shape and later get a new weapon built by Shorty.
47 The Seven Free Planets Altea hosts a meeting of the Leo alliance, seven planets that are united against Galra.
48 Reunion with the Phantom The Golion team meets a young man with connections to one of the castle staff
49 The Last of Hys With Saint in charge of the Control Room and Sincline with the Giant Cannon, things look bleak for Golion.
50 The Great Storming of Galra Altea and its allies launch an offensive against Galra
51 Golion's Desperate Battle The battle continues. Sincline learns the truth about his mother.
52 Burn, Galra Castle Sincline makes a stand. Will it be his last stand..or Golion's?
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