There are 52 episodes of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.


Episode numbers and titles are as presented by The Armored Fleet Dairugger XV Collection unless otherwise indicated.

Ep. # Title Summary Page Status
1 Galactic Clash An exploration fleet discovers a planet and an enemy. done
2 The Isolated Regiment Another assault interrupts exploration of the new planet. done
3 Farewell, Achilles The conflict continues, and the new planet pays the price. done
4 Rescue Mission to Hell Drake tries to trap the Rugger Team in a zone of black holes. done
5 Battle for the Experiment Planet
6 Fall to the Meteor Shower
7 Annihilation of the Reinforcement Fleet
8 Specters of the Binary System
9 The Glorious Suicide Corps
10 Sneak Attack on the Space Fortress While exploring a planet, Chukker falls ill. How will Dairugger be formed without him?
11 A Momentary Truce
12 Legend of the Space Forest
13 The Enemy Within the Mind
14 The Earth Fleet's Counterattack
15 Breakdown of the Space Talks
16 The Two Rebellions
17 Orders For Asimov's Return
18 A Touch and Go Situation
19 Red Moon Rising
20 Desperate Struggle for Planet K
21 Arise, Galaxy Garrison
22 Ex-Commander Teles
23 The Mission to Recapture Planet K
24 Riot on Galveston
25 Bitter Struggle on the Planet of Light
26 The Snare of the Hell Planet
27 Storming the Space Fortress
28 Eldora's Plea
29 Uprising of the Space Fort
30 Earth's State of Emergency
31 Locate Enemy Headquarters
32 Destruction of the Front Line Base
33 The New Allied Fleet to the Rescue
34 Planet of the Burning Cave
35 Get Yourself Together, Mutsu
36 A Desperate Undersea Combining
37 Air Rugger Vanishes The Air Rugger is captured, and Emma seizes the advantage.
38 Emma, the Female Captain Emma is captured by the Rugger Team.
39 The Tears of a Rugby Player A rugby game between the Rugger Team and some Galveston POWs is interrupted by attack.
40 The Boy Denon and the Elk The Rugger Team makes new contact with a familiar people.
41 Discovery of the New Planet Dairugger and Galveston square off over an ideal new planet.
42 Impending Crisis on the Inhabitable Planet The standoff continues, but Juxom moves to break it.
43 Teles and Asimov Negotiations occur, and Teles makes a bold move.
44 Aki Team Gets Caught Fooled by a ruse, Aki, Kai, and Kreuz are captured!
45 Defend the Third Planet Zucca launches a surprise attack on the third planet's garrison.
46 The Fall of the Survey Base Garrison forces discover the Galveston survey base.
47 The Invisible Super Weapon Galveston strikes with a hidden weapon.
48 Get Past the Tenth Planet Mines stymie the Rugger Team; Patty is injured.
49 Entering the Final Zone of Defense Garrison forces attempt to push through the Galveston homeworld's last line of defense.
50 The Struggle for Galveston Garrison forces push into the Galveston homeworld; Sirk attempts Teles' rescue.
51 Fierce Battle in the Underground City Galveston's rebels attack the palace; Dairugger fends off battle attackers.
52 Galactic Dawn The conflict is over; Galveston must be evacuated.